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“Daddy… Dad… Dad! Your brothers! My uncles! Th…

“Daddy… Dad… Dad! Your brothers! My uncles! They’re right there! They’re watching!”

“Ha! Horny bastards! I guess they’ll want their turn next!”

He didn’t realize how right he was. After that night, when he drunkenly fucked his own daughter on the hood of his car while all his brothers watched, things changed forever. His brothers had been lusting after their barely-legal niece, and now that they knew she regularly fucked her own dad, they wanted a piece of the action too.

So, the next day her father agreed to send her to see her oldest uncle, who stripped her naked and instructed her to sit on his lap.


In the afternoon she went to visit another one of her uncles at his work. He was having a late lunch break and didn’t have much time, so he pulled off her panties and gave her a quick fuck on his workbench before sending her on her way.


That night she went to stay with her dad’s youngest brother. After dinner he asked her to get dressed for bed, and then he proceeded to fuck her all throughout the night.

Looking forward, she had no idea how she was going to be able to continually service her father and all his brothers, and continue to keep it a secret from her mom, but she was sure as hell going to give it a go!

As requested by @the-life-of-a-dead-poet:

Could you do the sequel to the one where the girl and her father fuck in front of her uncles?

“Look Mom – Dad’s inside me and not wearing a …

“Look Mom – Dad’s inside me and not wearing a condom! Don’t freak Mom, Dad’s been cumming inside me for a couple of months now and it’s been fine. In fact, he hasn’t missed a day… hmmmm, that’s odd… it really has been every day. I haven’t had my last two periods! Yay!”

“Look Mom – Dad’s inside me and not wearing a …

“Look Mom – Dad’s inside me and not wearing a condom! Don’t freak Mom, Dad’s been cumming inside me for a couple of months now and it’s been fine. In fact, he hasn’t missed a day… hmmmm, that’s odd… it really has been every day. I haven’t had my last two periods! Yay!”

She could barely understand what had just happ…

She could barely understand what had just happened. She’d just had a huge fight with her boyfriend, who was once again criticising her, and she had come home in tears. He father was doing laps in the pool so she’d gone out to talk to him, and he told her she was beautiful and perfect the way she was. She went to hug her father, but instead he pulled her dress up over he head, propped her on the edge of the pool and told her to pull her panties aside. She obeyed her father without thinking, and he pulled out his cock and pushed it inside her. 

She looked in shock at her father’s cock thrusting in and out of her cunt, as she tried to process why he’d do this to her and why she’d so willingly let him. And then she realized: her father really loved her and she loved him back. He was the one she was meant to be with. 

“Kiss me Dad,” she whispered, and he did.

As requested by @myredactedlifeandsensibilties:

What about one where dad is swimming in the pool at night and the daughter comes out to talk about her boyfriend being a jerk? Next thing you know he’s fucking her in the pool



“What is it honey”

“You know I like doing this for you, but…”

“But what, sweetie?”

“But I think I’m finally ready to go all the way with you.”

“Babygirl, that’s wonderful. Here, let’s see what you’ve got under your dress.”


“You like my cute little panties Dad? Mom bought them for me.”

“Mmmmmm I do like them honey… it’s probably best we leave Mom out of this. She doesn’t need to know what we get up to.”

“I know Dad, I’m not completely silly!”

“Of course baby. Now sit up, I need to pull your dress down. I need to see those gorgeous tits of yours.”


“You like my breasts Daddy?”

“God yes! They are perfect! Just like the rest of you.”

“Aw, thanks Dad. Come on let’s take all our clothes off! I can’t wait to be completely naked with you.”


“Oh wow sweetie, when did you get so hot?”

“Well, it took you long enough to notice Dad.”

“Go easy on me honey, you’re my daughter – I’m not meant to notice such things! But now that I have, all I’ve thought about is fucking you.”

“Well now you can Daddy.”

“That’s my girl. Come here…”


“Dad… you’re so hard…”

“And you’re so wet darling… Here, climb right on top of me… put me inside you…”

“But Dad, shouldn’t you wear a… oh Dad… oh Dad! Oh Daddy! Yes!”


“Fuck! You feel so damn good sweetie!”

“Dad, slow down! We have all night.”

“I know honey, I just want to fill you up over and over again”

“Daddy, you know I’m not on the pill. You’ll get me pregnant!”

“I know baby… that’s what I want.”

“Oh my God Dad, really?”

“Yes, really.”

“Daddy… that’s so hot. Do it!”

“That’s my girl.”

“Dad! You said you’d pull out!”

“Dad! You said you’d pull out!”

“Oh shit babygirl, you were meant to jump off me in time!”

“Dad, I can’t… it feels too good! Dad! You’re cuming inside me!”

“I know sweetie, I know! It feels too good for me too! Oh fuck – take it honey! Take dad’s cum into your womb!”

“Oh my God Dad, I’ll get pregnant… oh yes Dad, yes! Get me pregnant Dad!”

“Fuck yes baby! I think I just did!”

She had been so hesitant about fucking her fat…

She had been so hesitant about fucking her father. She knew how badly he wanted to and she couldn’t deny her own feelings for him, but it was just so wrong. It was forbidden, it was taboo, it was incest. But over time it got harder and harder to resist until one night she finally gave in to her dad’s seductive powers. As she guided his cock into her cunt and rested her body down on his, she was instantly overcome with an intense feeling of relief, belonging and happiness. This was what she wanted. This was the right thing to do. This felt better than she had ever dared to dream. She loved her dad and she loved feeling him inside her. Now all there was to do was to enjoy the joys of father daughter incest, by using her hips and cunt to coax out the cum from her father’s cock, until it shot up into her fertile and hungry womb. And then they’d do it all again.

“Hey Dad… so I was looking at your comp…

“Hey Dad… so I was looking at your computer and I found all the porn you keep hidden from Mom… hehehehe… don’t be angry Daddy, I’m 18 now, I’m allowed to look at that stuff… no, I won’t tell Mom… but Dad… what’s with all the school girl porn? You really like that kind of thing, huh. I mean, do you think I look sexy in my school uniform… hehehehe… whoa, hang on Dad, what are you doing… Dad… Dad!… Daaaaaaaaaad!

She knew something was going on. Her husband h…

She knew something was going on. Her husband had been acting so weird lately – being completely distant one moment and then next buying her expensive gifts the next, as if he was feeling guilty about something. So that weekend, she told him she’d be out all day, but instead snuck back inside the house an hour later to see if her husband had company. Her suspicions were correct, as once inside the house she could hear the unmistakable sounds of fucking. She went into their bedroom, but was surprised to find it empty. She then realized the sounds were coming from their daughter’s bedroom. No way, she thought to herself, no, surely not…

She crept down the hallway, pushed open her daughter’s bedroom door and was confronted by the sight of her daughter straddling her father’s cock, crying out in ecstasy as he pumped his cum deep inside her young fertile body. 

Watching her husband cum inside their daughter, she opened her mouth in a silent scream of outrage. She knew that her daughter wasn’t on the pill and that at this risky time of month, her husband had more than likely impregnated her. As yet despite feeling betrayed, and angry and horrified… she also noticed that her own pussy was dripping wet…

As request by @esdeathvalkyrie:

Was wondering if I could make a request. Hope I’m doing it right if I can. Could you do a story where a father fucks, and impregnates his daughter right when an outraged wife walks in??

I was pretty pissed off with my daughter when …

I was pretty pissed off with my daughter when she came home after her first year at college. Her grades were terrible and I was angry to have wasted so much money on sending her to such a fancy school. 

But then she told me that she did learn some things at college and proceeded to demonstrate all the new skills she had picked. I promised her she could continue her studies, so long as she came home to visit more, and show me everything she’d learned.