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siblings-with-benefits: When she started cumm…


When she started cumming, my sister tried pulling off of my cock. I grabbed her shoulders, forcing her back down, and buried my hips and cock as deep as I could into her. If she’s cumming, I want to feel every sensation of her pussy! 🙂

My little sister cries when we fuck, but she d…

My little sister cries when we fuck, but she doesn’t stop bouncing up and down on my cock, and when she manages to speak, it’s never to say “stop” but to say “harder” or “come inside me!” 

Making sure to get my little sister pregnant a…

Making sure to get my little sister pregnant as soon as we get the chance. That’s the moment we both live for.

whyhecallsmehisbronzebeauty: No matter wat Big…


No matter wat Big Brother I’ll always b there for you ❤️




I’ve waited all day for my brother to get off work! 🙂

royalsiblings: I begged my brother for years t…


I begged my brother for years to fuck me, but he always refused, saying it was wrong, I was too young, or mom and dad might find out… 

But I always knew he was interested and wanted to. And when it finally happened, he was so good, so perfect, and big and strong and fucked me so hard and gentle and deep and perfect that I knew there could never be any other lover but him.

And as he blew his load inside my teenaged pussy that first time, filling my virgin womb with his incest seed, I knew he was thinking the same thing. And now he’s addicted to fucking me. He wants it every day, all day, as often as his cock will let him get hard. 

And I want it too; to have my little teen pussy stretched and abused by my big brother’s glorious cock, to feel my cunt and womb flood with his incest seed, to be controlled and used and forced up and down on his cock. I want to do it for hours and hours on end, and when I’m too exhausted to move anymore, I want him to hold me in his strong arms and force my young body up and down his cock and make me pleasure him even longer.

It’s so fucking good. If only we’d started years earlier!





Whatever big brother wants, whenever big brother wants, wherever big brother wants. Always & forever.

Is there any novels online for free that I can…

Is there any novels online for free that I can read from you? I am in a bit of a bind for money atm so anything would be awesome 🙂 thank you

I don’t have any free novels online, but I do have some free short stories available, some of which are fanfiction, some of which are likely to be taken down whenever I get around to cleaning them up for publishing. You can see them here though. Hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment if you do.

And if you later want to buy my incest erotica, you can do so here.



I dropped out of high school so I could be in my brother’s sexual service 24/7. He works from home now and fucks my teenage pussy hole every hour on the hour… twelve times a day he cums inside my little girl hole and it’s still not enough to satisfy the incestuous craving my hungry teen cunt has for my big brother’s huge cock.