“Daddy… Dad… Dad! Your brothers! My uncles! Th…

“Daddy… Dad… Dad! Your brothers! My uncles! They’re right there! They’re watching!”

“Ha! Horny bastards! I guess they’ll want their turn next!”

He didn’t realize how right he was. After that night, when he drunkenly fucked his own daughter on the hood of his car while all his brothers watched, things changed forever. His brothers had been lusting after their barely-legal niece, and now that they knew she regularly fucked her own dad, they wanted a piece of the action too.

So, the next day her father agreed to send her to see her oldest uncle, who stripped her naked and instructed her to sit on his lap.


In the afternoon she went to visit another one of her uncles at his work. He was having a late lunch break and didn’t have much time, so he pulled off her panties and gave her a quick fuck on his workbench before sending her on her way.


That night she went to stay with her dad’s youngest brother. After dinner he asked her to get dressed for bed, and then he proceeded to fuck her all throughout the night.

Looking forward, she had no idea how she was going to be able to continually service her father and all his brothers, and continue to keep it a secret from her mom, but she was sure as hell going to give it a go!

As requested by @the-life-of-a-dead-poet:

Could you do the sequel to the one where the girl and her father fuck in front of her uncles?