She could barely understand what had just happ…

She could barely understand what had just happened. She’d just had a huge fight with her boyfriend, who was once again criticising her, and she had come home in tears. He father was doing laps in the pool so she’d gone out to talk to him, and he told her she was beautiful and perfect the way she was. She went to hug her father, but instead he pulled her dress up over he head, propped her on the edge of the pool and told her to pull her panties aside. She obeyed her father without thinking, and he pulled out his cock and pushed it inside her. 

She looked in shock at her father’s cock thrusting in and out of her cunt, as she tried to process why he’d do this to her and why she’d so willingly let him. And then she realized: her father really loved her and she loved him back. He was the one she was meant to be with. 

“Kiss me Dad,” she whispered, and he did.

As requested by @myredactedlifeandsensibilties:

What about one where dad is swimming in the pool at night and the daughter comes out to talk about her boyfriend being a jerk? Next thing you know he’s fucking her in the pool