Shy girls please say hello :)

I think that since I run a sex blog that women think I’m a big sex hound, so the only women who contact me are the ones with high libidos and really aggressive sexual desires. Nothing wrong with that, of course, except that it doesn’t really mesh with me. My fault for not being more specific when I say I’m looking for a partner. I spend a lot of time focusing on what I want and not a lot of time of promoting who I am.  

I’m definitely interested in sex, of course, and the incest roleplay is a requirement for me and my future partner, but outside of the incest roleplay I’m a pretty boring. Not vanilla, per se, but I’m not super kinky or extreme. I’m not a wallflower, but I just don’t have a ton of experience. I’ve never been able to roleplay incest stuff in bed with a partner, just online stuff. I kind of want someone a little cautious themself, who is eager to explore that kink with the right guy. Someone that doesn’t expect me to be a sex god, and I won’t expect you to be a sex goddess. And I want a partner not just someone to have sex with. I really want a lover, a best friend, someone I can talk to about all sorts of topics, who I can share my passions and interests with and who will share theirs with me. Someone intelligent, independent and strong, but also someone who feels like something is missing in their life.

I guess I basically want that girl who is interested but too shy to message me to work up the courage to actually message me. I promote myself as this big sex blog guy, but I’m really more of like a big cuddly funny teddy bear, and my dream is to like go to Disneyland and eat food good and marathon scifi/fantasy stuff on the TV, with some incest roleplay kinky stuff on the side. I think it’s unusual that I don’t want sex 24/7 and I’m not into super hyper sexualization and stuff. I’m not “that guy" and there a lot of “those guys” on Tumblr. It’s not surprising I’m seen as one of them, but it makes for a real incompatibility between me and the kind of women who message me.

I’m feeling really good about life right now. I feel very open and receptive to the right woman, and I really feel like I have to just keep putting myself out there hoping she’ll find me. If you think it might be you, and you’re over 18 (and preferably over 24 or so) please message me!