daughterlover: Wrestling is so hot right now s…


Wrestling is so hot right now so I asked Dad to show me some moves. He’s quite a fan and we worked up a major sweat! Then suddenly Dad put me in a hold he hadn’t shown me yet. 

“Wha… what do you call this one Dad?”

“No idea baby, but it’s a good one for getting you undressed!”

I noticed Dad had already taken off his clothes and I began to tremble as he stripped me. 

“Now sweetheart, I’m going to show you so other kinds of moves. Ones that are far more suitable between a father and his daughter,” he said as he locked my arms back and pushed his cock inside me.

Helpless and at the mercy of my father, I’d never felt so excited and turned on, especially when he came inside me, knowing I’m not on any birth control.

I’m guess I’m still into wrestling, but I’m now much more into my dad’s main obsession – fucking and impregnating me,

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