daughterlover: As soon as she’d opened the doo…


As soon as she’d opened the door she knew it was her father. She’d found him online years ago, but he’d never showed any interest in meeting her. However, now that she’d turned 18, he’d insisted on visiting.

“Fuck, you’re hotter in person that I had thought,” her father said as he pushed inside her house and took off his shirt, “And you look just like your Mom.”

“Oh my God… Dad, it’s really you!” she said as he pulled her top up over her head and removed her bra.

“So, nobody else is at home right? Your Mom’s out?” he asked as he stepped out of his pants and boxers, releasing his hard cock.

“Th… th… that’s right…” she said as he yanked down her shorts and panties.

“Good,” he said as he pushed her up against the kitchen counter and lifted one of legs up. “Because I’m dying to get to know you babygirl.” 

“Oh my God, Daddy!” she cried out as her father slammed his cock inside her soaking wet cunt.  

“Sorry I missed out on your life until now,” he grunted. “But I promise I won’t run out on you like I did your mom. I’m back for good now” And then he pumped his young fertile daughter full of cum. 


Some of his cum ran out when she pulled back her pussy to see if her father really had just cum inside her without protection, but most of it stayed inside her and soon she was pregnant with her long lost father’s child.

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