daughterlover: Two years ago her and her fathe…


Two years ago her and her father gave evidence against her mother, a leading figure in a major crime family who made their life miserable. It lead to multiple arrests and the need for her and her dad to go into witness protection. They were used to being moved from city to city every few months, but they weren’t expecting to have new identities as husband and wife. The authorities urged them to play their parts as much as possible, as the mob were looking for a father and his daughter, not a married couple. In public they tried to appear intimate and affectionate, and were both surprised by how natural it felt. Soon they realized they really were in love with each other, and one afternoon they couldn’t wait to get undressed and consummate their love. Once naked she climbed on top of her father and guided him inside of her.


She cried out in ecstasy as her father began to thrust up into her. It felt so good. It felt so right. They were free of her mother and had whole new identities to live the way that they had both secretly yearned for – as husband and wife. Moving into a steady rhythm she told her father that she loved him. He told her that he loved her too and he wanted to start afresh with her. He wanted them to runaway and start a new family. 

She whispered yes and they both began to cum together, her whole body shaking as her father caressed her clit while his seed found its way into her fertile young womb.

As request by @awesomeandrew5000:

How about a Father and daughter are put in Witness protection. They are given identities as husband and wife to protect them. They get far too into it and end up running away with their new identities and starting a family.

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