“Scott!! You have to stop, I just heard the front door!!” Lucy moaned into her older brother’s ear as his cock slammed against her cervix. Not that those words would stop him.

“Scott… F-for the love of f-fucking God… Th-they’re coming up the stairs!” Once again she moaned, and once again her sibling completely ignored her and just kept on fucking her tight pussy into submission.

Their mother and father were about to catch them in the act, as Scott pinned Lucy to the door with their clothes littering the landing. Not only that, but his little sister started to cum as she heard her parents reach the top of the stairs. Her insides tightened around her brother’s bare cock.

As her juices gushed over his shaft he heard bags being dropped in shock, and gasps. Years of fucking in secret without getting caught was over now in just one lust filled afternoon. As their parents looked on in utter horror, Scott pushed his cock all the way into her clenching tunnel and grunted as he started to paint her insides white.

They could start looking for a new place to live after he’d finished knocking her up.