His date was late. Other couples in the restaurant were looking over at him sympathetically. It looked like he had been stood up. Soon he’d have a video sent to him confirming that his girlfriend was with another man instead of with him.


“Uh-uh. Keep those legs open, baby. I want your boyfriend to see why you haven’t shown up at the restaurant.” Her father growled as he pulled her thighs open again. Her wrists were tied, and her father’s bare cock was buried deep inside her pussy; but it was clear she was not there against her will. She was loving ever minute of it. The camera was angled to show the size of her father’s cock, and the width of it as it stretched the eighteen-year-old’s tightness. 

“M-more D-daddy! I’m g-getting so close!” The girl moaned cutely, prompting her father to piston his hips up and down, slamming his cock into his daughter until the entirety of his length was buried inside of her. The sudden change in pace caught the naked girl completely off-guard, and as the tip of his cock hit her cervix like a battering ram, she squirted all over the lens of the camera, blurring the rest of the footage. The sounds were telling enough.

“Where do you want Daddy’s cum, princess?”

There was a brief pause, and an adorable groan.

“In-inside, D-daddy…P-please! O-OH FUCK!! OHHH FUCCCCKK!!!!”

The slapping of skin intensified once more, and the slick sounds of a dripping pussy being pounded by an experienced cock echoed around the room they were in; as did the screams of pleasure from the female. That was until the sudden stop, and the growl of a true alpha male. The visuals were impaired, but the girl made sure to make up for that fact. How else was her boyfriend to know that her father had just bottomed out inside of her, and unleashed a pent up torrent of fertile cum straight into her womb?

“O-o-ohhh Daddy… I-it’s s-so warm!! Th-there is s-s-o much…”