daughterlover: He had fathered many children o…


He had fathered many children over the past two decades, but the three 18-year-olds who showed up at his house that morning were quickly becoming his favorites. They were all from different mothers, but they were definitely all his daughters. They shared his insatiable appetite for sex and they were all very turned on by the idea of being impregnated – especially if the man knocking them up was their very own father.

He was happy to oblige them and set then up in a row on the couch in the best position to penetrate them deeply so he could flood their young wombs with as much of his cum as possible. He picked the daughter in the middle to first plunge his cock into so he could also finger-fuck his other two girls at the same time. 

With his cock and fingers deep inside his daughters’ tight, wet cunts, listening to all three of them moaning their love for him, he came hard. It would be the first of many times over the next few weeks while he ensured that all three of his daughters would soon be able to show off their bellies, all big and swollen with his children.

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