daughterlover: daughterlover: After sneaking …



After sneaking back to her bedroom with her dad’s tablet, she lay down and was astonished by what she saw: so many incest related videos, photos and erotic stories; specifically videos, photos and stories about girls having sex with their own fathers. It was shocking, but she could stop looking… And then she discovered the folder full of pictures of her… And then all the sexy stories her dad had written about her. 

Her breathing grew heavier and heavier as she discovered more and more about her father’s obsession. She was so turned on and so transfixed by what she was seeing, that she didn’t notice her father had quietly entered the room and was standing behind her, thrilled that she had found the tablet he “accidentally” left lying around. Watching his daughter gently grind her hips and listening to her soft moans, he was for the time being enjoying the show. 

But he knew that before too long, he was going to have to unbutton his jeans, go to his daughter, and fuck her.

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