daughterlover: “Dad?” “What is it honey” “You …



“What is it honey”

“You know I like doing this for you, but…”

“But what, sweetie?”

“But I think I’m finally ready to go all the way with you.”

“Babygirl, that’s wonderful. Here, let’s see what you’ve got under your dress.”


“You like my cute little panties Dad? Mom bought them for me.”

“Mmmmmm I do like them honey… it’s probably best we leave Mom out of this. She doesn’t need to know what we get up to.”

“I know Dad, I’m not completely silly!”

“Of course baby. Now sit up, I need to pull your dress down. I need to see those gorgeous tits of yours.”


“You like my breasts Daddy?”

“God yes! They are perfect! Just like the rest of you.”

“Aw, thanks Dad. Come on let’s take all our clothes off! I can’t wait to be completely naked with you.”


“Oh wow sweetie, when did you get so hot?”

“Well, it took you long enough to notice Dad.”

“Go easy on me honey, you’re my daughter – I’m not meant to notice such things! But now that I have, all I’ve thought about is fucking you.”

“Well now you can Daddy.”

“That’s my girl. Come here…”


“Dad… you’re so hard…”

“And you’re so wet darling… Here, climb right on top of me… put me inside you…”

“But Dad, shouldn’t you wear a… oh Dad… oh Dad! Oh Daddy! Yes!”


“Fuck! You feel so damn good sweetie!”

“Dad, slow down! We have all night.”

“I know honey, I just want to fill you up over and over again”

“Daddy, you know I’m not on the pill. You’ll get me pregnant!”

“I know baby… that’s what I want.”

“Oh my God Dad, really?”

“Yes, really.”

“Daddy… that’s so hot. Do it!”

“That’s my girl.”