daughterlover: They had been secretly making l…


They had been secretly making love every chance they got even though they knew that sex between fathers and daughters was so wrong. But they couldn’t help the desire they felt for each other and once they had surrendered to their incestuous lust there was no turning back. 

Her father ordered her to pull her legs back and open herself wide for him as he commenced his final assault on her pretty young pussy, feeling the cum build in his cock. They had been so careful until now, but they were about to take their passion to the next stage. Almost simultaneously he told his daughter he wanted to cum inside her and she told her father she wanted to have his baby…

Six weeks later one morning, after her Mom had left for work, she took a test and then called her father into the bathroom. “Daddy! I’m pregnant!”

“Oh, my beautiful darling babygirl,” he responded and they shared a deep sensual father-daughter kiss, excited by what the future would bring.


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