daughterlover: “Forgive me Father for I have s…


“Forgive me Father for I have sinned.”

“Go on my child.”

“After months of searching, I’ve finally tracked down my biological father – the bastard who abandoned my mother after he knocked her up two decades ago. It turns out that this man is a priest so I want to humiliate and discredit him by sucking his cock. But I’m not just driven by revenge; the thought of blowing my own dad also really turns me on.”

“That’s quite a sin my child, but one I can help you with,” said the horny old priest as he stepped out of his side of the confession booth and opened the curtain to where the young girl was sitting. Even though there was a church service on in the background, he took out his cock and offered it to her. “Give me your sin my child. Suck this cock instead.”

She did what she was told.


As he looked down at the young lady taking his holy cock into her angelic mouth he realized that she looked a lot like one of the choir girls he seduced all those years ago. She looked up at his face and confirmed that he was indeed the man she’d been searching for – her father.

“My child, I realise now that you’re my daughter, but I shall have to deny you your revenge as fucking your pretty little mouth neither shames nor undermines me. In fact, I’m going to need a whole lot more from you.”

He lifted her up and she allowed him to tear at her clothes, gasping at the sensation of finally feeling her father’s hands all over her body. He spun her around, pushed her skirt up her back and yanked her panties down to her ankles. 

“I’m so glad you found me my dear,” he said to his daughter as he pushed his cock inside her cunt.


Steadying herself against the church wall while her father – the priest – fucked her, she realised it was God’s way for her to walk the same path as her mother. And indeed she soon discovered that her father had blessed her womb with a child.

By request:

Are you still doing requests? I’m thinking and illegitimate daughter of a priest who tracks him down and sucks him off in the confession booth. Thanks!

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