daughterlover: She had gone into the restauran…


She had gone into the restaurant’s bathroom to brush her hair and fix her makeup, and was startled when her father had walked in and locked the door behind him. ‘Dad, no, not here!’ she pleaded with him as he tore at her dress and lifted her up onto the bench. ‘Can’t you wait until we get home?”

“No babygirl, you’re driving me crazy. I need you now,” he grunted as he shed his own clothes and tore off her panties. Grabbing her by the hips he thrust his cock into her cunt and began fucking her… 

All throughout dinner he hadn’t been able to take his eyes off his daughter and she had worn the sexiest dress she owned, knowing that it would drive him crazy. Fortunately, his wife was oblivious to the effect his daughter had on him, so she didn’t suspect a thing when he excused himself from the table only seconds after his daughter had left. As he followed his daughter he had made eye contact with a few other older male patrons who smiled their approval at what they guessed he was about to do…

Thrusting harder and harder into his daughter, he knew he had to make it quick otherwise his wife would suspect something, so he spun his daughter onto her side and thrust in deep, pumping his cum deep inside her womb.


“Dad…? What have you done?” she stammered. Her father just grinned and told her to quickly get dressed so they could return to their table. 

Two weeks later she missed her period. 

By request:

I never requested something here so I hope I’m not doing it wrongly! A father is at a restaurant with his wife and daughter. The daughter goes to the toilet. He follows her and knocks her up. (If you have something similar I’m also happy for a link to that post! 🙂

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